Description / Features

Chill-Shields are 360o thermal hanger shields designed to meet a broad range of pipe support applications on low temperature lines.  They provide a continuous section of insulation and factory applied jacketing meeting ASTM E 96A (maximum 0.02 perm), and are designed for pipe systems operating between -250o F. and +225o F.  The insulation and jacketing extend beyond the galvanized steel shield for a neat, joint with the adjoining insulation.  Chill-Shields are suitable for use in any type of clamp as well as in band-type hangers.  Polyisocyanurate inserts and heavy gauge steel shields ensure proper pipe support.  These cost-effective designs meet the requirements of either pipe or tube systems.  Chill-Shields are an ASTM fire rated system meeting 25/50 Flame /Smoke rating when tested with fiberglass pipe insulation.


  • For indoor use on clamping support systems, clevis or other band-type hangers.
  • Chilled piping to domestic hot water.
  • Hanger spans per MSS SP-58 Table A3 (not suitable for extended hanger spans).
  • Available for pipe 1/2 inch through 24 inches.

Materials / Construction

  • 360o Polyisocyanurate 24 PSI material-Thermal Conductivity (‘k’) .19 @ 75°F for Tube sizes through 6” and pipe sizes ½” through 2-1/2”, 40 PSI material-Thermal Conductivity (‘k’) .20 @ 75° F for pipe sizes larger than 3” and tube sizes larger than 6”.
  • Meeting ASTM D-1621, D-1622, D-1623, C-203, C-518.
  • 360o Non-reactive factory applied jacketing meeting ASTM E 96A (maximum 0.02 perm), ASTM D-774, D-828.
  • Adhesive complying with NFPA 90-A.
  • G-90 Galvanized steel shield, small check per ASTM A-653 (replaces A-527). Rounded corners for safety.
  • All units are asbestos free and 100% made and assembled in the U.S.A.
Chill-Shield Dimensions