Value Engineered Products is a trusted source for insulated pipe supports. Why? Because our products are installed around the globe.

This year, VEP’s pipe supports were installed on the Hamad International Airport in the capital city of Doha, Qatar.  Organizations in the United States also know that our name is synonymous with quality. You will find our products installed in just about any industry. Military and government organizations trust our excellent workmanship as do schools, universities and hospitals all over the world.

Our Pro-Shields provide a continuous section of insulation with factory applied jacketing meeting ASTM E 96A (maximum 0.02 perm) through a wide variety of pipe hangers for pipe systems operating between +20o F. and +1200o F.  The insulation and jacketing extend beyond the galvanized steel shield for a neatly sealed joint with the adjoining insulation.  Pro-Shields are suitable for use in any type of clamp as well as in band-type hangers and on flat surfaces.

Standard items are shipped in three days or less.

VEP Insulated Pipe Supports = Excellence By Design