Insulation Protection Shields



Description / Features

All insulation systems require steel shields either with or without high-density inserts to be installed at each point pipes are to be supported.  Shield lengths and gauges may vary widely between specifications.  For this reason, Value Engineered Products provides a variety of shield lengths and gauges to meet the industry’s varying requirements.  All shields are precision stamped or rolled to meet ASTM C-585 dimensional standards and match the pipe insulations’ outside diameters.


Galvanized or stainless-steel shields without high density inserts may be allowed on small-bore pipe, two inches in diameter or smaller.  Steel shields alone may be permitted on larger diameter pipe, providing the length of the shield is long enough to prevent the insulation from showing signs of compression from the weight of the pipe plus the weight of the media being transported and any valves or fittings which add to the pipe load.

Materials / Construction

  • 100% American made steel.
  • G-90 Galvanized steel shield, small check per ASTM A-653 (replaces A-527).
  • Precision pressed or rolled to ASTM C-585 dimensional standards.
  • Available in full box quantities 12” long, 18ga.  ID 2.0 through 14.0.
  • Available in full box quantities 12” long, 22ga.  ID 2.0 through 14.0.
  • Available to MSS SP-58 Table A3 dimensions.

Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) Type 40 Shields Without High Compressive Strength Inserts

The MSS SP-58 list the following shield lengths and steel gauges for use with insulation having a compressive strength of 15 PSI and when used in clevis hangers and pipe spans with a maximum of 10 feet.

Insulation Protection Shields



All MSS references and quotes are extracted from MSS SP-58 (2009) with permission of the publisher, The Manufacturers Standardization Society.