Our most popular product by far is our Pro-Shield Pipe Supports. Pro-Shields are 360o thermal hanger shields. These pipe supports are able to meet a large range of applications.  For indoor use they can be used on clamping support systems, flat surfaces and clevis or other band-type hangers.  They are available for pipe 1/2 inch through 24 inches, insulation thickness 1/2 inch through 4 inches. They provide a continuous section of insulation with factory applied jacketing meeting ASTM E 96A (maximum 0.02 perm) through a wide variety of pipe hangers for pipe systems operating between +20o F. and +1200o F.  They also meet ASTM E84 Standards Flame Spread-5-, smoke developed-5-  All units and components are asbestos free and 100% made and assembled in the U.S.A.