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VEP Products meet or exceed MSS Standards!

pipe supportsVirtually every mechanical specification calls for some type of thermal hanger shield (insulated pipe supports) to maintain the integrity of the insulation system at each point the pipe is supported. Descriptions for this type of product vary widely throughout the industry. The most frequently referenced standards are those known as MSS, the Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Pipe, Valve and Fitting Industry. MSS SP-58, Paragraph 7.6 “Protection Saddles and Shields,” provides parameters for Type 40 thermal hanger shields. Value Engineered Products models comply with the standards set forth in MSS SP-58.

Using the Manufacturers Standardization Society as a guideline and in conjunction with both in-house and independent lab tests, V.E.P. offers products that provide several levels of protection:

Table A3 MSS SP-58

Providing economical options to the construction industry for the vast majority of commercial applications. They exceed the Type 40 shield requirements when installed to match hanger spans and styles referenced in Table A3 of the MSS SP-58 document.

Table 4 MSS SP-58

Thermal hanger shields are constructed with heavier gauge steel, longer shield lengths and higher compressive strength structural inserts. When used with band or clamp-type hangers, the maximum hanger spacing permitted by MSS SP-58, Table 4 may be achieved.

Table 4 SP-58 Maximum Spans

Designed to provide support to Table 4 maximum spans for pipe systems which may encounter point loading concerns. These units incorporate weight distribution plates for pipe sizes 4″ and larger, which work in concert with the structural inserts to provide support performance similar to a Type 39 ‘weld-on’ saddle with the energy efficiency of an Insulated Type 40 shield.

Systems Operating as Cold as Minus 250 Degrees Fahrenheit

Additionally, V.E.P. manufactures the Chill-ShieldTM for systems operating as cold as minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit, Type 40 insulation protection shields without high compression strength inserts, as well as the PS-Series, PG-Series and PA-Series of insulated pipe slides, guides and anchors.

Variations of these products to meet environmental, system or economical concerns can be manufactured to meet any engineering parameters.

insulated pipe supportsMSS SP-58, Table A3, allows thermal hanger shields but limits the mechanical contractor to maximum hanger spans of ten feet or less on all pipe sizes. Table 4 in SP-58 specifies the maximum spacing for pipe which is directly supported by the hanger. These spans range from 5 feet up to 33 feet between hangers. Caution must be taken when installing Type 40 shields not to exceed the support capability of the shield and insert material. The MSS additionally expresses concerns about ‘point loading’ which may occur on either trapeze or roller-type supports.

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