Quik-Shields are economically priced 180o thermal hanger shields providing a continuous section of insulation and factory applied jacketing meeting ASTM E 96A (maximum 0.02 perm) through a variety of pipe hangers.  The jacket extends beyond the galvanized steel shield and beyond the insulation insert for a neat, joint with both the adjoining and the field-applied top insulation.  To assure proper support in all situations, high density 450 PSI structural inserts are installed on units for 10″ pipe with 1″ wall thickness and on all units for 12″ pipe and larger. Quik-Shields meet the ASTM E84 Standard Flame Spread -5-, Smoke Developed -5-.  Rounded shield corners on all commercial size units.


  • For indoor use on flat surfaces, clevis or other band-type hangers.
  • Pipe sizes 16 inch and larger in clevis hangers only.
  • Chilled to steam piping and dual temperature lines.
  • Hanger spans per MSS SP-58 Table A3.
  • Available for pipe 1/2 inch through 24 inches.
  • Insulation thickness 1/2 inch (to 6” pipe) through 4 inches.


  • 100 PSI Calcium silicate meeting ASTM C-533 Type 1, C-585, C-795, E-84, Thermal Conductivity (‘k’) .40 @ 75° mean.
  • Adhesive complying with NFPA 90-A, ASTM E-84
  • G-90 Galvanized steel shield, small check per ASTM A-653 (replaces A-527). Rounded corners for safety..
  • Factory applied jacketing meeting ASTM E 96A (maximum 0.02 perm), ASTM D-774, D-828 and E-84.
  • Structural insert (12″ pipe and larger) 450 PSI calcium silicate meeting ASTM C-656 Type II, Grade 5, C-795 and E-84
  • All units and components are asbestos free and 100% made and assembled in the U.S.A.


Quik-Shield Dimensions