Intro to Seismic Shields

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Seismic Shield

Description / Features

Seismic Shield ® is an innovative insulation protection shield offered by Value Engineered Products (VEP). This product is designed to stop shield movement and rotation while allowing for expansion and contraction of piping systems. Seismic Shield ® is designed to support the weight of the pipe and insulation. Each shield has Seismic Grip Tabs, which indicate a clear area to center the shield and may be bent down 90° to form a friction fit to strut or bent further to firmly grip a clevis hanger. Each shield has rounded corners for installer safety and vapor barrier protection.

Seismic Shield ® is offered in two grades Standard and MSS Compliant*

*Complies with MSS Type 40 – minimum requirements for small bore pipe


Seismic Shields ® in both Standard and MSS Compliant configurations are designed to be installed following the same guidelines as all VEP’s Insulation Protection Shields.
Specifications often allow shields without high density inserts on small-bore pipe. Steel shields alone may be permitted on larger diameter pipe, providing the length of the shield is sufficient to prevent the insulation from showing signs of compression from the weight of the pipe plus the weight of the media being transported along with any valves or fittings.

Materials / Construction

  • 100% American made steel
  • G-90 Galvanized steel shield, small check per ASTM A-653 (replaces A-527)
  • Precision pressed or rolled to ASTM C-585 dimensional standards
  • Standard Seismic Shield ® – 12” long, 22 gauge, ID 2.0 through 5.5 and 18 gauge ID 6.5 through 14.0 available in full bucket or box quantities.
  • MSS Compliant Shield – 12” long, 18 gauge, ID 2.0 through 5.5 available in full bucket or box quantities
  • Custom Seismic Shields ® are available per MSS SP-58 Table A3 dimensions (Older specifications may reference MSS SP- 69, Table 5 dimensions) – Seismic Grip tabs are not available for 16 gauge or greater.
  • Stainless Steel and Custom Shields are available. Call VEP for more information.

The physical and chemical properties of the products listed herein represent typical, average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as technical service and are subject to change without notice. Please contact customer service at (303) 715 -9990 to assure current information.

Seismic Shield ® Sizing Guide
Insulation OD per ASTM C-585


Standard and MSS Compliant Seismic Shield ® – available sizes

Seismic Shield ® -Stocked Sizes