Thermal Hanger Shields & Inserts

Division 15:
Section: Hangers and Supports

  1. Thermal hanger shields shall be used on all horizontal insulated pipe systems at each point of support. Manufactured units shall comply with MSS SP-58 standards and be tested per MSS SP-89 guidelines. Each assembly shall closely fit the various pipe diameters and match the outside diameter of the adjoining pipe insulation.
  2. Thermal hanger inserts shall be calcium silicate with a minimum compressive strength of 100 PSI. The insert shall be jacketed with industry standard, non-reactive, all service jacket as a vapor barrier. ‘Water-resistant coatings’, which do not provide a vapor barrier, shall not be allowed. A vapor barrier mastic of a contrasting color may be used (i.e. Childers CP-30 or MEI 55-10 or equal), providing the longitudinal seam is field-sealed during installation.
  3. A rolled shield of G-90 galvanized steel shall be an integral part of the unit and shall be of a gauge and length appropriate for the compressive strength of the insert material and type of hanger.
  4. Insulation and vapor barrier jacket shall extend beyond the galvanized steel shield to provide a complete, neat and vapor-tight seal with the adjoining insulation.
  5. Hanger types and span between hangers shall govern the type of thermal hanger shield used and shall be as follows:
    • Band-type hangers to 10 foot maximums (clevis, teardrop) – Value Engineered Products’ (V.E.P.) Pro-Shield, Pro-Shield N.T., Quik-Shield or equal.
    • Roller-type hangers, regardless of hanger spans – Value Engineered Products MaxSpan R.H. or equal.
    • Band-type hangers with spans greater than 10 feet* – V.E.P.’s MaxSpan units or equal.
    • Trapeze style and other clamping-type supports to 10-foot maximums – V.E.P.’s Pro-Shield or equal.
    • Trapeze style and other clamping-type supports exceeding 10 feet* – V.E.P.’s MaxSpan units or equal.
  1. Individual components shall not exceed a Flame Spread and Smoke Developed rating of 25/50.
  2. Safety Ratio shall be minimum 3:1.
  3. Independent test results documenting the compliance of ‘or equal’ products shall be available upon request of the Architect, Engineer or Owner.