Our products meet the Ashrae Standards for mechanical insulation. This is a 90.1 energy standard and is complies with energy codes for commercial buildings in the United States. Further, all of VEP’s insulated pipe supports provide superior energy conservation.

Better Energy Conservation at the Same Price Point

insulated pipe supportsEach year the energy conservation challenge for manufacturers serving the insulation market grows.  VEP has risen to this challenge with its insulated pipe support products.  Insulated pipe supports from VEP have unique energy saving features that prevent the transfer of heat from the pipe itself to the metal hanger.  It is designed to keep energy where it needs to be:  in the pipe.

Conventional pipe supports are effective at transferring the weight load.  They provide a direct pathway for heat to move through the vapor barrier.  In contrast, insulated pipe supports, such as those manufactured and fabricated by VEP are specially designed to minimize  energy loss (and ultimately cost) to the owner.  We do this by starting with materials that have low thermal conductivity.  The lower the conductivity, the better the energy retention.

VEP only manufacturers insulated products that have the low heat conductivity feature.  This guarantees that every installation conserves the most energy possible and exceeds design specifications at a competitive price point.

Saving money, exceeding construction standards, and protecting our energy resources demonstrate VEP’s unceasing focus on excellence by design.


Specification Guidelines