Value Engineered Products has announced that its line 25/50-rated insulated pipe supports has been tested to meet ASTM E-84 requirements. This stringent fire test covers all calcium silicate products produced by Value Engineered Products (VEP.)

“A large portion of the mechanical and insulation contractor’s labor occurs at the hanger point,” says Barry Schmitt, CEO of VEP. “All products are cut to precisely fit copper, steel, cast iron, and Aquatherm piping by providing ready-made products that are easy to specify and order, install quickly, and meet building codes. We eliminate the guesswork and headache of field fabricated products.”

“In addition to ASTM E 84 compliance,” continues Mark Reardon, VP of Sales, “all of our standard designs include a true vapor barrier that can be sealed to the adjoining insulation. In addition to minimizing field labor for final fit, this protects the entire system from water vapor transmission, and allows a lower maximum operating temperature for the calcium silicate insert.  These units are suitable for both hot and cold systems.”

More information is available at (webpage) , or by contacting or 800-921-1177.

In business for 23 years, Value Engineered Products is a nationwide supplier of insulated pipe supports. VEP produces a range of models to correctly support pipe and tube from ½” through 24”. VEP also provides specialty inserts for highly engineered supports for up to 66” pipe.

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