For over a quarter century, Value Engineered Products has provided high quality, cost effective insulated pipe supports for the Mechanical and Insulation contracting communities.  We are committed to responding to the everchanging requirements of the market place.  Today we are pleased to introduce our updated line of Chill-Shields.

In smaller pipe sizes, suitable for commercial applications, Chill-Shields are now manufactured from a 24 to 40 PSI polyisocyanurate with an ASJ vapor barrier.  As always, all our units are 100% American made and have a 360-degree galvanized steel shield.

Large pipe sizes and custom units for rugged industrial applications will still be available with higher compressive strength insert materials.  Please contact sales for a cost-effective quote based on the demands of your hanger application.

Based on market demand, we will be stocking from 5/8” tube with a ½” of insulation up to and including 4” pipe with 2” of insulation.  These units will be available for both copper tube and IPS sizes.  We firmly believe that stocking this range of sizes will address our customers’ urgent requirements and we will are committed to having inventory going forward.

Updated data is available here.