Value Engineered Products is pleased to share one of our successful product installations. Our Pro-Shield Thermal Pipe Supports have been installed in the Apple Headquarters Building in Silicon Valley.

Pro-Shields are 360o thermal hanger shields designed to meet the broadest range of pipe support applications.  They are a great product for indoor use on clamping support systems, flat surfaces, clevis or other brand-type hangers.  They are available for pipe 1/2” through 24” and insulation thickness 1/2” through 4”.

The engineering, mechanical and insulation communities throughout the nation turn to our Thermal Pipe Support products for many types of applications. We offer a high quality product that is tested to meet ASTM E84 Compliance.  We also provide great service and our products are manufactured in the United States.  Standard items are shipped in 3 days or less.

From innovative products to responsive service to manufacturing quality, VEP is committed to Excellence by Design in every aspect of our business.