Innovative Pipe Supports

Value Engineered Products (VEP) offers the engineering, mechanical, plumbing and insulation communities a series of insulated pipe supports designed to meet the broadest range of applications. Whether you are writing a specification, providing an estimate or installing products in the field, VEP is the leader in innovation you can trust.

Fast. Professional. Superior.

One piece hinged construction for high density insulation for hot or cold pipe systems. Products have a vapor barrier and galvanized steel shield in one pre-assembled unit – always meeting code specifications.

All products are cut to precisely fit copper, steel, cast iron, or Aquatherm piping.

True vapor barrier jacket eliminates the possibility of condensation, and matches the adjoining insulation neatly, giving the application a clean and professional appearance while creating a vapor tight seal.

Both standard and custom units are available to meet any engineering requirement or specification, quickly and professionally. All products meet the International Mechanical Code Standard and are manufactured to MSS standards.

Further, VEP is the only manufacturer that makes products to fit copper pipe and Aquatherm at a low installed cost.

Eliminate the ordering hassle, handling, and confusion of field fabrication. Excellence by design for the products you need now.